About Us

Founded in January 2018, Clustar is the world's leading provider of both general and private-preserving AI computing solutions. The company is committed to applying technologies such as high-performance networks and federal learning to artificial intelligence and big data. The core team members of Clustar are from the HKUST's Sing Lab, whose world-leading academic achievements are the foundation of Clustar's R&D. The company received investments from top venture capitals such as Sequoia Capital. Clustar hosts product and R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The company has over 100 employees, 80% of whom are R&D engineers.

To seize market share in general AI computing market, Clustar developed AIOS, a high-performance AI Operating System that boosts distributed AI training. In 2019, Clustar created a new product line – PAI (Privacy Preserving AI). PAI includes a series of high-performance software and hardware products. it supports built-in data preparation, model training and inference under encrypted AI training scenario. PAI includes:
· Clustar AIOS High-Performance Computing Platform
· Clustar Secure AI Accelerator

Using cutting edge technology like federated learning, transfer learning and AutoML, Clustar also creates customized AI solutions for industries such as manufacturing, insurance and e-commerce and banking. Clustar empowers traditional industries with customized AI strategies, boosting productivity while reducing cost and ultimately transforming businesses.

Our People

Kai Chen


· Ph.D., Northwestern University, USA
· Associate Professsor of HKUST
· Executive Vice President, Hong Kong Society of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
· Director, WeChat-HKUST Joint Lab of Artificial Intelligence Technology (WHAT Lab)
· Director, System Networking Lab, HKUST (SING Lab)

Ady Chen


· Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences
· Venture Partner, ZhenFund
· Vice President, ofo
· Strategy, Financing & Investment

Junxue Zhang


· Ph.D., HKUST
· Datacenter networking, AI system expert
· Published paper at SIGCOMM/CoNEXT
· Technology & Product Strategy

Shuihai Hu

Chief Scientist

· Ph.D., HKUST
· Datacenter networking, cloud computing, RDMA expert
· Worked for Microsoft Research Asia
· Published paper at NSDI/CoNEXT
· R&D of privacy preserving AI processor

Leye Wang

AI Scientist

· Ph.D., Institut National des Télécomunucation & Université Paris VI
· Assistant Professor, Peking University
· AI, data mining expert
· Published papers at AAAI /IJCAI/UBICOMP /WWW
· R&D of AI algorithm



Sequoia China
Sequoia Capital is committed to helping entrepreneurs build their business, bringing global resources and historical experience to its member companies. Since its founding in 1972 in Silicon Valley, Sequoia Capital has invested in many innovative companies, including industry trendsetters such as Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Google, Alibaba, Airbnb, and JD. Sequoia Capital China, as the "Entrepreneur Behind the Entrepreneur", focuses on investment opportunities in technology/media, health care, consumer goods/services, and industrial technology. Sequoia China led the angel round of funding for Clustar and participated in Clustar’s Series A funding.
Co-Stone Capital
Co-Stone Capital is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Co-Stone Asset Management Company Limited, Co-Stone is founded in 2001 and headquartered in Shenzhen. With over 19 years of investment management experience, Co-Stone Capital is one of the early venture capital firms in China. Co-Stone Capital has cultivated numerous industry leaders in the tech, healthcare, culture and entertainment, and consumer services. Co-Stone Capital led Clustar's Series A funding round.